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Ubidots Account Transfer


Is there a way to transfer ownership of an Ubidots account? Since there can only be 1 admin, can we swap who is the Admin of the account with a different email? For example, if I develop for a client with my email and when it’s ready, hand it all over to them.

Hello @guitardenver,

You can change the username of an account from the profile section. Click on your Profile Picture > My Profile > Accounts Details > Username.

However, I recommend you to use organizations to have a scalable control of your customers.

Maria H

Hi there @guitardenver, allow me to answer with three different ways that come to my mind to solve your inquiry:

  1. Actually you may change the account’s email, username and password at the profile settings section, in this way you may transfer the ownership to your customer.

Ubidots already supports multiple admins for the same account. This feature is available for industrial and scale licenses, you can reference this at our pricing and at this article the generalities about admin users.

  1. You may use account organizations to manage different users as Maria suggested above, but keep in mind that with this option and the second one your customers will be using an app with your custom branding rather than theirs.

Let me know if you have any additional question