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Ubidots compatible thermometer?

I’m looking for a wifi enabled thermometer that I can use to deliver outside temperature measurements to Ubidots automatically

Pretty sure such a thing must exist somewhere, but Google isn’t finding it for me

Any suggestions gratefully received

Otherwise I may have to resort to using an iSpindel hydrometer which is overkill


Phil G

Hi Phil,

Currently we’re not aware of a plug-n-play, WiFi-enabled, consumer option, that allows you to easily configure the output JSON payload, so it can talk to external APIs.

However, with our new Data plugins feature, it will be possible to create plugins that integrate sensors from 3rd-party platforms, including vendors such as AmbientWeather, who offer WiFi-enabled sensors out of the box.

See AmbientWeather’s temperature sensor product line here: https://ambientweather.com/home-monitoring-indoor-stations?ambient_weather_features=6325&product_list_limit=25

If something like this resonates, please let us know which brand and reference you choose; we’d be happy to analyze if it’s feasible to create a plugin around.


But for a Ubidots newbie, what’s a “plug in” please??

Hey Phil, have you checked on Hackster?
There may be projects there that match your criteria.



Thank You
Looks like on Hackster we can find evertything, haha

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Hello @pghilgrainger, a plug-in, is basically a pre-defined connection between two apps. For this purpose, its an user-friendly connection between Ubidots and other apps like AmbientWeather. This means that you won’t have to go through all of the setup between both parts.