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Ubidots_in - IDLE

I’m using Ubidots OUT and IN node.
OUT node works continuously and reads data from my PLC via Raspberry4.
IN module works for a while but then is not responding any more. I have configured a slider and a button, after Deploy I receive a message in my Node-Red for some time but then after some minutes not any more. Meanwhile OUT node is working all the time!
After that if I made some changes and Deploy again the communication starts again for some minutes.


What could be the reason for that

Link to a video with the problem

Hi @htrendafilov

I hope all is well,

Thank you for sharing the video so I could inspect what was wrong. Now, seems like the debug message you are seeing is not corresponding to the flow selected as the labels didn’t match with one of the variables. I went ahead and made some tests and I was able to subscribe and receive the last values of the variable correctly.

As you can see the structure of the message is different from the one you are showing in the video. Can you please make sure to be seeing the debug message of the second flow?

As a final comment, please delete the token you shared in the video and create a new one to prevent people from using it maliciously and avoid damages to your data and account.

All the best,