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Ubidots Org ID information not available in STEM account


I want to know how to get the org id for ubidots, my mqtt broker is expecting Publisher = “d:::” . FYI, I am using STEM account, does this Publisher address is a dependency for sending data to ubidots? If not then what can I give information for this ?

Also,I gave the informations for Address,Port,User, Password, Topic in my broker but this does not connect with ubidots with this information alone.

Note: i am not using any standard broker , I am using my own application service to send data to ubidots.


Good day @rodeb,

I hope you are well.

To connect to Ubidots via MQTT, please refer to the following article. Now, can you please let me know the reason why you need an org id? As the organization’s module is only available from the Professional plan and above.

Please let me know if you need additional information.