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Ubidots Plugins: The simplest way to connect apps and services to the IoT

Dear all,

After seeing how creative you could get when coding your UbiFunctions, be it to track live energy prices, solar irradiance, or weather data, we decided to build an entire new module to make it even easier to connect external data sources and services to your IoT Application.

We’re proud to announce:

Ubidots Plugins: The simplest way to connect apps and services to the Internet of Things
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Plugins are now live and available to all Ubidots users with IoT Entrepreneur plans and above. We’re launching the following plugins today, and will be releasing more in the near future!

We’re also launching a Zapier integration in private beta, while we gather your valuable feedback. You can request access here.

We look forward to hearing what you think! What would you add/change in existing plugins? What plugin idea would you like to see incorporated?

Please leave us your comments and suggestions below. We look forward to see what you build.

– The Ubidots Team


Hi Ubidots team :slight_smile:
It is nice to see continuous innovation on your side… These plug-ins look great and I am very excited to see how the list will most likely grow over time to cater for more use cases

Since you are asking for suggestions (very brave of you :wink: ) I think some value added plug-ins to consider is in machine learning for preventative maintenance and some kind of interface to allow video camera interface with the standard dashboard. (For example, the cloud storage videos from EZVIV)

Anyway, these are just some “in-the-moment” suggestions, so don’t take them too seriously without some surveys or market research. (Although, I don’t think any data driven IOT company like yourselves would do anything without data :laughing:

Best regards, love your platform…