Ubidots-Teltonika RUT955 Integration with Ubifunctions

Hi, I’m struggling to connect via MQTT a Teltonika router capturing data from a Modbus slave. As far as I’ve read, there is a requirement to parse the MQTT message using Ubifunctions, since MQTT message from Teltonika is not correctly structured. Anyway, I’ve configured the MQTT server pointing to Ubifuncitions like here (UbiFunctions: Publish data to your UbiFunction using MQTT | Ubidots Help Center), but the ubifunction does not trigger. I can confirm there is MQTT because I can send normal messages to the platform (but they are not parsed). Could youplease help me? thanks.

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To effectively troubleshoot your MQTT connection issues with Ubifunctions, please follow these steps:

Verify Ubifunction Type: Ensure that your Ubifunction is set to the POST type. This configuration is crucial for receiving MQTT data. Ubifunctions set to GET will not be activated by MQTT data.

ClientID Specifications: Create a ClientID consisting of alphanumeric characters. This ID should be at least 15 characters in length to meet the necessary specifications.

Credential Verification: Carefully check the username and password in your device’s MQTT authentication settings. These credentials must be accurately entered to establish a successful connection.

JSON Payload Requirement: Confirm that you are sending a JSON payload to the Ubifunction. The proper format of the payload is essential for the function’s activation and response.

If you continue to encounter issues after these steps, please provide us with your settings details. This will allow us to conduct a more thorough examination and assist you more effectively.

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Hi Thanks! Solved without ubifunctions.

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Hi gmiro, how do you solved without UbiFunction?

Hi addnovi, I basically modified the JSON structure in Teltonika data to server function to match specifically the Ubidots rqeuest.

I hope this helps

Hi gmiro, thank you for answer. You are my HERO :sunglasses:
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Thanks, I felt the same! Spain

Have a good day! I’m from Poland :grinning:

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