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Unexpectedly exceeding daily limit in STEM account?

Hi i’ve been monitoring a home brew using a single Arduino device (iSpindel) - in the last few days i’ve gone from everything displaying OK on my dashboard to an “error loading data” and exceeding my daily limit of dots message - but my data usage hasn’t changed as far as i’m aware - is the fault at my end or is there an issue at Ubidots ?

Hello @seasidersrus27 ,

We are aware of a problem that has been happening to some STEM users regarding this inconsistent Dots In/Out counting behavior. However, by viewing the Usage in your account, it seems that there is no usage for a couple of days, and then there is a big spike for Dots Out in just a day. Have you been using your account according to this behavior? Or do you think this is abnormal?

I’ll be attentive to your reply and will be ready for further revision.

Best regards,

Hi Sebastian. Thanks for responding. The only thing I can think of is whether toggling real-time data monitoring has caused this? Good news I now have my dashboard back and no more issues at present.

Hi @seasidersrus27 ,

Toggling Real-time On is actually something we recommend as this will not contribute to the Dots out Consumption as long as you leave your Browser open. Every time you refresh your browser, or switch from viewing between your Dashboard-Devices, it will have to retreive data from our Backend, contributing to the Dots Out. Having very loaded Dashboards (i.e. many widgets, or widgets with aggregation methods and Big Data Ranges) can kick up the Dots Out number in just a few refreshes.

Having said that, we recommend:

  1. Keep Real-time always on
  2. Avoid excessive browser refreshing or switching between Devices and Dashboards
  3. Have the Widgets and Dashboard with the smallest Data Range (Span) as possible that will work for your application.

If this behavior continues to happen, we will have a deeper look into this.
In the meantime, I’m glad that you were able to view your Dashboard again.

Best regards,

Thank you that’s very helpful.

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