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Update a variable for multiple devices


what would be the best way to update a variable for multiple devices. Is it possible to do this via Dashboard? We would like to set the new variable value in the dashboard and select the devices, that need to be updated.

Example: we have 20 devices sending data to ubidots, all the devices have a variable “mode”, we would like to change this variable for 10 devices out of twenty.


Hello @digifish

Thanks for reaching out,

You can update a variable for multiple devices using this API endpoint.

It may be possible to do it from a dashboard but this would require doing it using the HTML canvas. I think an HTML form with the option to select the devices and inputs to enter the value(s) you want to update the variable with, built the payload, and use the endpoint I mentioned earlier. For more information about the HTML canvas widget please refer to this article.



Hi Santiago,

thank you for the answer. Do you maybe have some sample code how to get the device list and display it as a select box or a group of checkboxes?