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Update of data is very slow on ESP8266 with REST + Connection lost after few hours

I am using Ubodits STEM with ESP8266 on REST. Connection is successful but following two issues are extremely frustrating. Please need support.

  1. Data update is very slow. It takes even 60-secons sometimes.
  2. Data upload to Cloud stops even if i software reset/restart/reboot my device.



Hi @ghulamsarwar,

I hope all is well,

Please keep in mind the following things:

-The URL you should use is industrial.api.ubidots.com Can you please share the request you are making to send data to Ubidots?

  • Keep in mind that all Ubidots STEM account as a limited of 4,000 dots per day, so make sure to not be exceeding this limit

What is the difference between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM?

All the best,