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Uploading from laptop causes ESP32 to reboot continuously

I can upload sketches using the Arduino IDE with the Ubidots library from my desktop PC with no problem, but uploading the same sketch using my laptop causes the ESP32 to continually reboot.

Sketches without the Ubidots library can be uploaded from the laptop with no problem.

Any advice on what settings I should look at?


Hi @AdrianTromp

It is quite difficult to give you a proper answer with so little information, but I will leave below some considerations you may have when uploading the code on two different computers.

  • Do you u have different versions from the Arduino IDE on each computer? If so, then try to install the same version that you have on your Laptop.

  • Check whether the libraries you are using have the same version, probably some mismatching is introducing the bug.

  • Make sure both configurations from the Arduino nano are the same such as Flash Mode, Flash Frequency, CPU Frequency, Flash Size, Reset Method, and Upload Speed.

Thanks @crisap94

The Arduino IDE is the same on both the laptop and the other PC, vs 1.8.13.

The same library is shared - I’m using the same dropbox folder for the sketches and libraries.

I’m using an ESP32. I’ve checked the configurations (flash mode, flash frequency etc.) on both PC’s and can’t find any differences.

Any other ideas?

I need to use the laptop to make changes in the field so I’m hoping to find a solution soon, and any assistance would be appreciated!

It is not very important the IDE version but the compiler that you use, this may derivate to several differences in your HEX binary file, so my first advice would be to check that both machines use the same C++ compiler. Said this, it makes no sense to me that the issue may be related to the Ubidots library, as this one is just a wrapper of other exposed native Arduino methods.

If both compilers are the same, try to compile a hex binary in your desktop PC and upload it directly to your device from your laptop using Avrdude, in this way you may discard any compiler issue at your laptop side.

All the best