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User selectable data history range

Is there a widget that allows the user that views only the dashaboard to select the history range of the data they see.
for example a graph shows temperature of the last 7 days but the user can change that to the last 3 months for example.

I have a free account currently, is this a premium feature ? does it exist ?

Hello @JW3141 ,

You can change the span of all your widgets in the date range picker of your dashboard as shown in the image below.

Additionally, you can set a different span in your widgets. Almost all the widgets in Ubidots have a field called Span, you can adjust the respective date range of your widget by adjusting this. Option "Set by dashboard "corresponds to the Dashboard’s general date time picker span.

Best Regards,

– Leonardo

Thank you fior your reply Leonardo
I have tried the set by dashboard function ,
it appears that this function minimum date only goes back to yesterday even though there is 5 months of data