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"value" and "context" adding extra length to body message

Hi Ubidots.

When posting to Ubidots, I am organizing the body of my post request on my device and then sending it to Ubidots via webhook.

When organizing the JSON for Ubidots, I often am writing “value” and “context”. I just wanted to check if you had any thoughts on if this could be shortened? “val” or “cnxt” ? Interested in your thoughts.

We are facing the same issue and while we could solve this by using Ubidots functions and delivering a highly compressed payload, we really want to use MQTT.

We would be very interested in any methods to reduce the payload size.

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Hi there @adam_X and @mantracourt, I agree with you that we should explore the ability to send shorter payloads so I have just shared this post with our PM and DevOps team. As this is something related with our REST API, this kind of changes is tagged as critical and its analysis may take time.

If any new about this comes out, I will let you know.

All the best

Hi @jotathebest ,

Ok cool! Yeah I was thinking it may be a pretty core feature, so I didn’t expect anything to happen tomorrow on this.

Thanks for passing it along!