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variable sum not valid

I’m trying to create a cumulative variable to record consumption in Kwh/m, however when setting up the variable, the page informs as an invalid formula., see the formula print.

Hello @jcrmelo ,
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Although the expression is correct, STEM accounts are not allowed to use Data Range expressions such as sum(variable,range), which is why the menu shows that the formula is invalid.

If you only want to get the cumulative value (and not see the historical trend of it), then you could simply create any widget (for example the Metric Widget) and select its Data Span to “This month” and with the “Sum” aggregation method.

Does this make sense?

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thanks for the answer, as a possible improvement the system should inform you that this is a restriction due to the plan. I will be evaluating the possibility of updating the plan.

Thank you, yes, this would definitely be an improvement. I’ve already shared this with my team for further consideration.