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Why Cannot Load/View Previous Data When Reach Dots Limit?

Hi there. I am pretty sure many of you well know what happen when maximum quota of dots per day was reached and then you cannot see ANY PREVIOUS DATA that was recorded until the next day. May I know why I cannot see the previous data? Users should be able to AT LEAST see their previously recorded data weather their max dots is reached or not right?. This is kinda ‘not smart’ thing to happen don’t you think? Do I have to pay to get to see my previous data when i reached my dots per day limit?

Greetings, thanks for your message. We do not pretend to offer a ‘smart thing’ with the dots in/out limits, these limits just need to not be surpassed to maintain our free service up and healthy. At Ubidots, we have released the STEM service to replace the old educational platform, this new service comes with the below improvements:

  • A higher availability REST API
  • A higher availability with the events engine
  • Up to date security and bug patches

Ubidots wishes to continue powering PoCs and educational projects with a good product, and the STEM license is the way to show our compromise with this.

Said this, the action to maintain servers and support for the thousands of free users comes with a cost, including data stream and traffic to retrieve and ingest data, that is actually assumed and paid by us. Because of this, we need to set limits that allow us to keep the service as you actually know and to be able to improve it in the short and middle term.

The actual limits work for most of our STEM users, that needs Ubidots for hobbyist and educational purposes. If you find that our dashboards, events engine and analytics capabilities are needed for your project more often than what the limits actually allows you, I would really know, as valuable feedback, the reason to do not you consider to get a license. If you need a lower entry price, this is something that you may ask to our customer success department at sales@ubidots.com or support@ubidots.com.

Also, we do not wish to be a rock in your IoT path, we wish to be a valuable tool to reach your actual project goals, so if you need to set these limits to a higher number, and your project deserves it, we are more than happy to break your actual account limits. Feel free to tell us more about your project at support@ubidots.com and let’s find a solution to empower your project.

All the best