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Why does Ubidots STEM show messages about exceeding the limit?

I send a topic every 700 milliseconds.
The topic contains:
client.ubidots Subscribe(“my-new-device”, “xxx”);
client.ubidots Subscribe(“my-new-device”, “yyy”);
client.ubidots Subscribe(“my-new-device”, “zzz”);
I believe the number of Data Extraction dots should be:
24Hx60Mx60Sx1000/700x3(client.ubidots Subscribe)=370 285.
However, I get messages about exceeding the Data Extraction dots limit.
How is the number of dots calculated?
Thank you in advance.

Greetings @se I hope you are doing great.

Lets start by clarifying the amount of Dots that an stem account can extract daily. According to our docs, an STEM account can extract 500000 Dots per day.

Extracting data through MQTT actually does not contributes significantly to calculated extracted dots. However, what actually contributes quite significantly is whenever you refresh your dashboard, given the fact that Dots ought to be extracted in order to display your Widgets’ data. Said so, I’d dare to say that this is the main reason you are getting that message.

Let’s make a brief calculation:

Suppose that you send data every minute, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
So, a month worth of data would be:
60 * 24 * 30 = 43200 Dots in a month.

Now, lets suppose that you configured your dashboard to display data pertaining the lasts 10 months, so that means that the number of Dots extracted to display the dashboard would be:

43200 Dots/month * 10 month = 432000 Dots.

With that in mind, only by refreshing your dashboard once under these circumstances, you’d have expended your Dots out quota on a single action.

I hope this has clarified things a bit for you.

If you want to investigate more on this topic, you can go to the following two articles:

Best regards

–Juan David