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You've retrieved 50045/50000 dots today - Usage shows less than 11k

Hello. I just started to use ubidots.
I have a ESP8266 that sends 3 variables once a minute.

Today I got a message that “You’ve retrieved 50045/50000 dots today”.
When I checked my usage it only shows 10430.

Is this normal? If it is, why is it saying I’ve used so many dots when the usage only shows so few? And how can it reach to +50000 in less than a day with only 3 variables once a minute?

I only send the data from the ESP and watch the dashboard for the charts. Does watching the dashboard use dots? If so, does it use them every time the chart refreshes (on it’s own, not by me reloading the page)?

my username is luxlethor

Thank you.!