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“Every environmental detail of my apartment is logged with Ubidots, making it easy to know when I've burnt my toast.”

RICHARD HAWTHORNE / Founder, Cambridge Hackspace.

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$ curl -i --header "Accept: application/json; indent=4" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "X-Auth-Token: GrQp3zCCLYBGfPTYkTJtUfKwm1mLjAJVEIMoEVQ1fKeaAaoIEbCWEYd9V4pT" -X POST -d '{"name": "Raspberry pi"}' http://things.ubidots.com/api/v1.6/datasources

Content-Type: application/json; indent=4

    "id": "5204267b20e1e3695e957a2d",
    "owner": "http://things.ubidots.com/api/v1.6/users/3",
    "parent": null,
    "name": "Raspberry pi",
    "url": "http://things.ubidots.com/api/v1.6/datasources/5204267b20e1e3695e957a2d",
    "context": {},
    "tags": [],
    "created_at": "2013-08-08T23:15:07.538",
    "variables_url": "http://things.ubidots.com/api/v1.6/datasources/5204267b20e1e3695e957a2d/variables",
    "number_of_variables": 0,
    "last_activity": null

from ubidots import ApiClient

api = ApiClient("7fj39fk3044045k89fbh34rsd9823jkfs8323")

new_datasource = api.create_datasource({"name": "myNewDs", "tags": ["firstDs", "new"], "description": "any des"})

new_variable = new_datasource.create_variable({"name": "myNewVar", "unit": "Nw"})

new_variable.save_value({'timestamp': 1380558972614, 'value': 20})

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$api = new Ubidots\ApiClient($apikey="7fj39fk3044045k89fbh34rsd9823jkfs8323");

$new_datasource = $api->create_datasource( array("name"=>"myNewDs", "tags"=>array("firstDs", "new"), "description"=>"any des") );

$my_variable = $new_datasource->create_variable( array("name"=>"myNewVar", "unit"=>"Nw") );

$my_variable->save_value( array('timestamp'=>1380558972614, 'value'=>20) )

require 'ubidots'

@api = Ubidots::ApiClient.new("7fj39fk3044045k89fbh34rsd9823jkfs8323")

new_datasource = @api.create_datasource( {"name"=>"myNewDs", "tags"=>["firstDs", "new"], "description"=>"any des"} )

new_variable = new_datasource.create_variable( {"name"=>"myNewVar", "unit"=>"Nw"} )

my_variable.save_value( {'timestamp'=>1380558972614, 'value'=>20, } )