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Born as a private engineering services firm in 2012, Ubidots specialized in connected hardware and software solutions to remotely monitor, control, and automate processes for healthcare clients at well funded startups and Fortune 1,000s in the American Southeast and across Latin America.

Between 2012 and 2014, Ubidots expanded our support industries and accomplished countless internet connected projects across – Healthcare, Energy / Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Retail – learning the many small characteristics of IoT and Cloud enablement that digital transformation experts cannot speak to unless they have gotten their hands dirty in the field.

With a strong backbone and a steadfast determination to be more than another Latin American “copy-cat,” Ubidots joined the Boston MassChallenge Accelerator in 2014, pivoting into a global product-based cloud IoT startup, gaining US venture and support and leaving behind the local services business.

Since Ubidots pivot in 2014, Ubidots has become known within hardware, software, embedded engineering, and maker circles as the affordable, reliable, and most useable platform in an IoT platform ecosystem filled with strong competition.

In 2018, Ubidots spun out the Ubidots for Education platform to give IoT enthusiast and students a place to build, develop, test, learn, and explore the future of Internet-connected applications and solutions.

Ubidots is Art and Science

The foundation of Ubidots company culture rest upon our 3 Guiding Principles that keep us relevant, our customers engaged, and even more importantly, end-users happy.



Ubidots value-add in development time and cost saved is only increased when combined with its usability. With a core architecture focused on data efficiency and an engaging UX (user experience), Ubidots users can connect, build, and deploy cloud IoT applications with ease, leavings Ubidots to handle the cloud and end-user UX infrastructure.



Internet connected solutions are not easy, no emerging technology is, but Ubidots focuses on key inputs to deliver the right tools and in a timely fashion to see your solution succeed. Despite inevitable setbacks, we rise to the occasion and never settle for adequate; always working to make your data more valuable.



Reinforcing the values of Support and Ease-of-use, the skillfully designed usability and resources of Ubidots gives our clients an ally from prototype to production. When functionality, requested developments, or pricing come into question, Ubidots employees always look to “champion the customer” and achieve mutually beneficial solutions.

Meet the Team

Ubidots is an agile team of engineers and developers working daily to deliver reliable, value-adding insights for your cloud connected solution.

employee-Agustin P.

Agustin P.

CEO / Founder

After helping engineer a remote monitoring solution for Airbus Germany, and firsthand experiencing the challenges that hardware engineers face while creating Internet-enabled projects, Agustin and his co-founder Gustavo fathered the Ubidots platform to reducing waste and empower economization of production resources from the bottom up. A trained Electrical engineer from UPB and FH Münster, Agustin also holds a business degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management and leads the vision and strategy of Ubidots as it continues to instrument cloud-connected products and services around the globe.

employee-Gustavo A.

Gustavo A.

CTO / Founder

Previously an embedded systems engineer for Linux kernel focussing on image processing and FPGAs, Gustavo is the brain behind the curtain at Ubidots. After graduating Universidad Distrital in Bogotá, Colombia, Gustavo practiced and perfected his skills of System Engineering in the Colombian Air Force running numerical and regression models.
A certified Scrum Master and LFCS, Gustavo is a leader within the Python community in LATAM and enjoys playing the piano and family time with his two sons and wife.

employee-Daniel R.

Daniel R.


Daniel is an entrepreneur and early-stage investor living in Medellín. Having lived in the UK, Japan, and most recently Silicon Valley, Daniel has been building tech companies and products for two decades. His general approach in all things — business, investing, and life — is to avoid the mainstream and search for interesting ideas in overlooked, out of favor, or yet to be discovered places.
In Daniel’s right-brained life, he is a jazz pianist, organist, and composer.

employee-Cameron K.

Cameron K.

Director of Operations

Cameron joined Ubidots as the Director of Operations sharing time with Sales, Marketing, and Product Strategy teams. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Cameron’s previous experience with Operations and Project Management at Getaround Inc. and UBS Financial Services has been a humbling fit to Ubidots goals for efficient team/client dynamics and quality assurance.
To take a break, Cameron enjoys waking up late on the weekends and all things Formula 1.

employee-Jose G.

Jose G.

Development and Support Manager

A trained electrical engineer from the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Jose joined Ubidots in 2015 after 5 years of Integrating cloud-connected-solutions for more than 20 building automation and control projects in Colombia. A passionate Colombia (football) fan, Jose loves to see Colombia’s football team win and dreams to one day see the label "made in Colombia" printed on technology products sold throughout the world.
In his spare time, Jose passes time with his wife and family, tasting new food and flavors as he travels around the Americas.

employee-Catalina M.

Catalina M.

UX Engineer

Ubidots queen of frontend development, Catalina regularly seeks the next innovative design to challenge her skills as a developer and improve the Ubidots UX and usability. Baking her brilliance into the UX and appearance of Ubidots, Catalina is principal in Ubidots comprehensive and intuitive development experience.
As leader and mentor in and out of Ubidots, Catalina frequently attends and speaks for female developer communities, including Medellin JS and Pioneras Dev. encouraging more female women to expand their development proficiencies. Catalina's work has been the face of Ubidots since joining the team in 2016.

employee-David S.

David S.

UX Engineer

Stubborn about the best user-experience possible with easy-of-use and reliability, David proudly engineers the unique relationships between users, their data, and Ubidots. In his spare time, David likes to read (science fiction mainly) and code/develop applications when not attending or speaking at different Javascript communities around LATAM.

employee-Juan David A.

Juan David A.

Cloud Software Architect

Formerly an Android developer for proprietary applications at the University of Antioquia, Juan’s skills and expertise in data management and manipulation empower him to organize and optimize the many subsystems and reliability of Ubidots platform. Juan tackles everyday with precision and dedication - first one into the office, last one out - everyday!
In his spare time Juan likes to find ways to invest his money to create additional sources of income while keeping up-to-date in the latest in software development.

employee-Sebastian S.

Sebastian S.

UX Engineer

Passionate about the challenges and inevitable puzzles of programming, Sebastian applies his knowledge of mobile application development and private tool customization to give Ubidots users a personalized experience when using the cloud software.
Outside of the office Sebastian enjoys driving his motorcycle and exploring new places inside and outside the city, finding the best restaurants along the way fuel his programming binges.

employee-Maria H.

Maria H.

Hardware Engineer

Joining Ubidots after perfecting her skills as an Automation Engineer at the 2nd largest Oil & Gas company in Latin America, Maria brings expertise to Ubidots in process automation and hardware/firmware development.
When not directing the hardware tranches of Ubidots business, Maria is a principal member of the female tech community, Pioneras Developers, where she continues learning and sharing her skills with future women in tech.

employee-Juan Jose B.

Juan Jose B.

Digital Marketing Manager

Juan Jose might be the youngest member of Ubidots team, but do not be fooled as his work speaks for itself. A millennial, Juan is a seasoned pro in digital marketing, and drives Ubidots digital media and off-app user experience. “fake it 'til you make it” is Juan’s mantra and he’s been crushing it ever since taking the Digital Media role at Ubidots in 2018.
Digitally aged beyond his years, Juan enjoys reading positivism novels, entertaining others with his freestyle guitar skills, and combining the two on a nice day at the park across the street from his apartment.


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Education is Innovation

In line with Ubidots guiding principles, in 2018 Ubidots spun out and repurposed its first ever cloud version as “Ubidots for Education.” Rather than retire this shared-resource platform, Ubidots instead empowers 35,000+ students and IoT innovators to explore and develop technology and solutions, giving all users their first device free, always!

The precursor to Ubidots, Ubidots for Education is an IoT enablement platform that give users the tools to learn and make an impact - be it big or small.

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