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Adding geofence with satellite view


When adding a geofence for applications in rural areas where roads are not common, how do we accurately add geofences to events without satellite view? I cannot find a way to manually add the coordinates, and on the location where I intend to put the geofence there is zero reference.

Hello @agrisense,

At the moment the geofence feature just allow draw the geofence from the map view. The devps team already have assigned the task to include the satellite view for the next Q, plus to give the option to include the coordinates manually.

We will keep you update on this topic!

All the best,
Maria C.

Hello, have you made any progress on this issue? We joined Ubidots with our iot devices mainly for monitoring in the agricultural sector, and all of our gps units that work with geofences are currently useless because we have absolutely no way to blindly create geofences without sattellite view. 80% of our devices use this basic functionality, so we are waiting to see if you are able to do something about this.

There is zero data on your maps for all the farm we intend to install gps devices on. So currently ubidots is not really of much use for our company without the ability to create geofences.

Even if you allowed users to enter the coordinates of the corners of the geofences manually. Surely this wont take much time to do.

Alternatively, is there someone in this community that knows of a good alternative to Ubidots that have this basic function?


Dear @agrisense,

I assigned a note to the Devps Team about the first feature requested which was “Satellite View”, so the team is going to prioritize it for this week. So I will keep you update about it!

From another hand, as I mentioned in the last message, the other feature requested “Assign the coordinates manually” is going to be developed for the next Q, Q3.

Let me know if you have any additional question!

All the best
Maria C.

Good day Hein,

I’m here to let you know we’ve already deployed this feature, enabling you to create geofences in rural areas. I hope this new feature help you out and fulfils your expectations.

Further, you mentioned adding the coordinates manually would also facilitate your operation to which we will be developing this functionality in the next Q.

I’ll be attentive to your comments, and as always, thank you for choosing to develop with Ubidots.

All the best,
Maria C.

Yes I noticed and added my geofences right away. Thank you very much for adding this essential functionality.

Thank you for choosing to develop with Ubidots! :smiley::blue_heart:

What is the option of having my geofences remain visible in my map widgets? This would add very good functionality to ubidots.

Good day Hein,

Thank’s for reaching out to Ubidots and always provide feature feedback and new ideas, they’re always well taken and in our hardest effort, we try to do our best to bring those new features to live.

Following up, Map widget does not support adding the geofences created at events. Further, since this is something worth exploring and consider for future development, I’ve forwarded this request to our DevOps team to be added to our development roadmap list of features.

As per your previous request to add geofences en satellite view, we’ll keep you posted on our advancement, and as soon we manage to bring geofences to Map Widget, I’ll let you know right away.

Again, thank you for the constant feedback, we do considerate it rejuvenating.

All the best,
Maria C.