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Daily Quota Not Resetting

I have this problem too.

I use an iSpindel which gathers data 4 times per hour.

I had one message that I had exceeded my dots, but it disappeared. I had probably not exceeded my dots.

Not used the iSpindel since yesterday and no luck. JUst screen below.

Many helps for assistance.


Hi @Shewick

Are you currently still experiencing this issue? We had a look at your account and it hasn’t received data in the past 7 days, so we’re not sure whether or note you’ve accessed since then.


I’ve had this problem for two days now, data extraction limit reached and it hasn’t reset for two days.

I’ve tried logging off and on, but no luck.



Hi @Shewick and @UbidotsSDB

Can you please let us know if you still experiencing this issue? Additionally please check the usage of the account in your profile and let us know the results (via private message, if you prefer) to determinate the reason why you are reaching the dots our limit.


Just an update for those working on the “daily quota not reset”, “dashboard showing no data” problem.
My device is connected and injecting every day and shows active with values.
Still the usage board shows no usage since a week and dashboards get no data (error loading your data) since two days. Dont even know if there is a daily quota problem or whatever causes this error.
So dashboard somehow gets not updated.

To confirm this, a dashbord with a clock widget gets updated but still no values in the other widgets.

Device shows active with data (“a few seconds ago”), but still no data in the dashboards for 3rd day. No usage data since 10 days, just hypens - - - - in usage board.

update - still no data in dashboards, device shows active as usual (it is injecting1800 dots every day).
Just for fun I triggered an event - this works, got the mail and showed in usage board within seconds, but since 10 days only zeros for ingestion-extration data in usage board.
Please keep working on the problem - can not get anything in dashboards for several days now, no reset at all. As the STEM service is free I will never complain - thank you for letting us test it to make it better and more reliable.
(logging out / in and deleting one device did not solve it)

update June20 - after several days waiting, the dashboard is working today.
There has been no overusage warning, but what else could be the reason? My theory, the dots get accumulated day per day (for a week or so) until the total hits overusage. After finally reaching accumulated overusage (im my case 700.000), dashboard stops getting data and some 3 or 4 days later (for sure not 24 hours later) it gets reset. See usage screenshots>

during all the “out time”, ingestion works and device shows online.
Wondering what may cause the “overusage”. Maybe some background processes in the APP or background browser windows? Automatic reloads after dashboard errors?
Let’s keep on making it better ! !

update July usage board, full of zeros, device connected every day, ingestion seems summed up on july 13th, extraction seems summed up on july 14th

Hello @rising_sun,

I hope this note finds you well.

Thank you for reporting this inconvenient. We were able to identify that there’s an issue with the data visualization on STEMs accounts and it has been reported to the development team.

We’re currently working on getting this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Best Regards,