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Daily Quota Not Resetting

I have this problem too.

I use an iSpindel which gathers data 4 times per hour.

I had one message that I had exceeded my dots, but it disappeared. I had probably not exceeded my dots.

Not used the iSpindel since yesterday and no luck. JUst screen below.

Many helps for assistance.


Hi @Shewick

Are you currently still experiencing this issue? We had a look at your account and it hasn’t received data in the past 7 days, so we’re not sure whether or note you’ve accessed since then.


I’ve had this problem for two days now, data extraction limit reached and it hasn’t reset for two days.

I’ve tried logging off and on, but no luck.



Hi @Shewick and @UbidotsSDB

Can you please let us know if you still experiencing this issue? Additionally please check the usage of the account in your profile and let us know the results (via private message, if you prefer) to determinate the reason why you are reaching the dots our limit.