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How to send data from ubidots to mqtt

hi im new to ubidots so i try to make monitoring and control it with this platform
i manage to make the monitoring part but im strugling with the controlling stuff
i learn that i need to use mqtt to recive data from ubidot to my device so read the mqtt documentation and follow it
i manage to establish conection and try to publish data from mqttlens to ubidot and yeah the variable change but i try send data from ubidots to mqtt but it never works
pls be kind as im new to coding and ubidots

One way to send a control message to your device is via an event as shown in this video timestamp

for a bi-directional control system.

my problem is not becouse the the event
my problem is i dont recieve any data or message
just like in my screenshot there are 0 messege recieve by the broker
i try simple action with switch to click, the variable data chnage to 0 and 1 but no data recive in mqttlens nor my device

anyway i try like the video u gave me, still no message in my mqttlens and my device
do i need something to activate the subcribe in the broker?
thanks for ur fast respond

This topic may serve you as a reference to solve your issue.

All the best