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Mobile dashboards not working

I have 2 dashboards for my ispindel. Both used to work on desktop and mobile app until at least early December, but now the mobile versions are not working.

Dashboards 1 and 2 completely fine I think
Devices/ispindel: Click on a variable and it says “Error loading data”, but by default no date range is selected. When you select a date range it pulls the values

Dashboard 1: 4 data points from yesterday
Dashboard 2: Completely blank
Devices/ispindel: it says everything is last active x minutes ago and has one value, but the bit where the graphs should be just says “No values”

Update: I reinstalled the mobile app and the dashboards are now working as normal- wahoo!

However the devices/error loading data/no values thing is still an issue- I think it’s the same as this issue, where the default range is set to nothing. But on the mobile app you can’t change the range so you can’t get any data to show

Another update: for dashboards in the android app you have to keep deleting the data or reinstall the app every time you want to use it, otherwise it just gets stuck on whatever the dashboard was showing the first time you loaded it up