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[SOLVED]Copy static dashboard with different device not working

We used to copy static dashboard from one device to other. There was option to chose other device. This was reference help

But, today the behavior has changed and his feature seems to be missing. There is no option to select other device. If we replicate static dashboard, it just copies for same device. There is option to make dashboard dynamic (with other device). I tried to make dynamic, select new device. And then make static. It seems to work. But, the variables names are not showing new device name in the widget setting (in brackets). I request to retain original feature!

I understand dynamic dashboard are quite powerful. But not well understood by end customers or even our front end team.

Hey @Sunand,

I just found this post unanswered. I remember this bug was addressed over email but I didn’t know you had also posted it here.
Anyway, this issue has been solved, and the Dashboard duplication process restored to the its usual expectation.

It would be very valuable if you could confirm if the functionality is working ok from your end, that way, we can give the other community members out there the peace of mind that this is no longer a bug.



Dear David,

I confirm that the problem is resolved. Thanks for reply.

Sunand Mittal