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Trying to duplicate dashboard based on different device


I have several devices with the same variables. Now, I’m trying to duplicate the dashboard of the first device using other device as data source. However, when I select the option to duplicate and choose the second device, the widgets still have the variables of the first device.

I followed this guide , but it still didn’t work.

I also read the same problem reported here, which seemed to have been resolved, but I’m facing it now.


I’ve been experiencing the same behavior. I’m also interested in finding a solution.

Greetings @2neuron and @Gabor, I hope you both are doing great.

We tried reproducing the behavior that you are describing and here is what we found:

Duplicating a dashboard correctly sets the target device as the data source of the new dashboard, however, the device label associated to the variables isn’t changing as expected. This behavior might make it seem as if it was not working correctly, but it does.

Here is the proof:
In the following GIF, on the left part of the screen, you’ll be able to see a static dashboard with two widgets corresponding to temperature and Humidity variables on a device labeled lm335-yard.


Then, that dashboard is duplicated and the target device is now one labeled lm335-first-floor.
Checking the variables’ values directly from the device (right side of the GIF) demonstrates that the new dashboard is actually displaying the values corresponding to lm335-first-floor and not lm335-yard. In short, duplicating the dashboard is working correctly as intended, however, as can be seen from the GIF, the device label corresponding to those variables, is not changing, but this is only a visual bug, the functionality is not compromised.

I don’t rule out that I might be missing something in my thought and testing process, in which case I would appreciate your guidance to actually reproduce the error that you have brought to our attention.

With the above in mind:

  1. Thanks for your feedback, because that helped us to identify a possible source of error for our users.
  2. Let us excuse ourselves for the inconvenience, we will report to to our Dev team to have it fixed.

Taking the opportunity, I think this a the perfect instance to advise you about using Dynamic dashboards, a feature that allows you to have one single dashboard for multiple devices sharing the same structure variable-wise, and selecting the device from which data should be populate through a device drop-down selector.

Best regards.

@JuanDavidTangarife, Thanks for your quick response.

I admit that there may have been a slight misunderstanding on my end. I haven’t had any issues with duplicating a dashboard with a single device. However, I was curious if it was possible to duplicate a dashboard containing widgets for multiple devices.

For example, let’s say you want to create dashboards for every level in a house, displaying temperature readings in each room of a particular floor. For the first floor, you build dashboard ‘1stFL’ containing widget_1 with variable temp from device 1stFL_room_1, widget_2 with variable temp from device 1stFL_room_2, and so on.

Now, if you want to duplicate it for the second floor, dashboard ‘2ndFL’ , you would want widget_1 to display variable temp from device 2ndFL_room_1, widget_2 with variable temp from device 2ndFL_room2, and so on.

Based on my understanding, since you can only choose one target device, copying a static dashboard that displays variables from multiple devices would not be feasible without further manual adjustments. I was hoping that I was wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarifying answer, @JuanDavidTangarife. I hadn’t really noticed that. I tested it here and it’s working. Of course it will be even better with that visual bug fixed.

Thank you again.

Best regards.