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[SOLVED] Double axis line graph issue

Hi, I’ trying to create a line graph plotting two variables. One variable using the left hand Y-axis and the other variable using the right hand Y-axis.
I can create the graph fine using the Double axis line graph widget but both variables use the left hand Y-axis only, I can’t get the widget to allocate one of the variables to the right hand Y-axis, either manually or automatically.
The documentation/videos I’ve seem seem to imply this is possible (using both Y-axis scales) but in practice I can’t get it to work, only the left hand Y-axis is used, even when the right hand one is displayed.

Is this now a “premuim” feature ?


I have also experienced this problem. I am using a STEM account and I had a dashboard with line chart and double axis widgets, both having two Y-axises with variables assigned to each axises. In the last couple of days I went to edit the line chart and the option to assign a variable to an axis was gone. At that time the double axis widget still showed the option to assign variables to an axis, now the option has disappeared from the double axis widget too!

Ahah, good to hear it’s not just me. Anyone from ubidots care to comment ?

Hello @andywhit and @amestes,

As advised in the linked post, Ubidots has already identified this bug and it is working towards the solution of it. As soon as I’m aware that it has been fixed, I’ll let you know.


Hello @andywhit, @amestes

Just wanted to let you know that this bug has been fixed and deployed to production. You should be able to select the type of chart: line, dots, line or step, as well as the right or left Y-Axis.