Data Drives Decisions

Rapidly assemble and launch Internet of Things (IoT) applications without having to write code or hire a software development team.

Simple yet Powerful

Systems Integrators, IoT Entrepreneurs and OEMs effortlessly self-construct Internet of Things (IoT) applications and connected services with Ubidots’ data collection, analysis, and visualization tools.

Easily Connect
Hardware and Data-sources
to the Cloud

Connect your hardware and/or digital data-services to Ubidots’ device agnostic cloud with our REST API and deliver customized IoT and Cloud solutions the way you want.

Point-and-click Cloud
Application Development

Develop your business’ solutions with Ubidots’ intuitive, code-free application development tools: Rules & Events Engine, Scheduled Reporting, Real-time dashboards, and more.

White-label customer-specific

Deploy custom applications to end-users with your Company’s branding, URLs, colors plus customize alert messages, languages, and more to deliver your solutions the way you want.

Ubidots built the global cloud network so you can grow your data-driven business

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Map reflects actual dots (data-points) received by the Ubidots STEM platform - in real-time.

Send data

Devices are created automatically upon reception of the first data points.
Use Device Types to pre-configure their properties.

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