What Is “Cat-M1” and What Does It Mean for IoT?

Have you heard about Cat M1? This technology is coming soon and will bring the next generation of connectivity, making Internet of Things business models more relevant and achievable by lowering costs of maintaining devices and ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity. In this blog post we will talk about some technical details of Cat M1 and why  it will be worth considering when implementing future IoT initiatives, specially for large-scale projects.

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IoT in Retail: 7 Real Examples

Many business have started hearing about Internet of Things. There are not too many cases of big retailers implementing some pilots and incorporating projects in their stores. Today, you will read a very complete list of IoT projects implemented in retail and how your business can get started with it today. By the end of this post, you might be impressed with the amount of things you can start doing. Continue reading “IoT in Retail: 7 Real Examples”

IoT Interfaces Made Simple With Nextion, Raspberry Pi and Ubidots

Have you heard about Nextion Display? Nextion allows you to craft awesome interfaces, even if your coding level is “hello world!”. Its awesomeness doesn’t end up here. It can work with Arduino and all versions of Raspberry Pi. 

This tutorial will show you how to add a Ubidots button to your Nextion Display Interface. 

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Build your own smart baby monitor with Intel & Ubidots

There are lots of wearables in the market nowadays. We found it interesting to see one for babies being built within the maker community. The materials needed to make the monitor are affordable, and it’s a great tool for parents who might want to check more parameters about their babies than the ones provided by a webcam.


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IoT Security Risks: Real Examples

Every new technology comes with great benefits, but of course they all have their risks. We analyzed three types of IoT (Internet of Things)  applications that might be vulnerable to security threats: webcams, patient monitoring, and smart vehicles. If your IoT application involves any of these, here we present some reasons why you should be extra careful, and of course how to minimize the risk.

1. Cameras

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg celebrated Instagram reaching over 500 million monthly users using a cute cardboard? You could see he had a tape over his laptop camera (see below). The FBI Director does the same, and they surely have a reason for it.


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Internet of Things: The next (achievable) big thing for your business

Have you ever wished  you discovered something before everyone else?

Even though the term Internet of Things has become quite familiar among technology enthusiasts, chances are that your competitors are still not using it to their advantage. If you want to come up with a competitive advantage that brings you ahead in your industry, then this blog post is for you, decision maker.

20 Fenchurch Street, architecture, business

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Hands on the AirPi Kit v1.4, a weather station using Raspberry Pi

AirPi is an plug-and-sense, low cost weather station. It works as a shield for the Raspberry Pi, gathering data about temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, light levels, noise levels and even more. In this article we’ll connect the AirPi Kit to the Ubidots cloud, creating a connected WiFi weather station.

Once the AirPi is plugged to Ubidots, you’ll be able to create a real-time widgets in Ubidots Dashboard.

Results: Using a Raspberry Pi Model B we can display these actually environmental details outside our office. With Ubidots you can monitor your environments.

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