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Daily quota of data extraction error

For the last 2 days I’ve been getting the following messages on my stem account. The interval is set to 900 and I have 8 variables. As such account are limited to 4000 dots there is clearly an issue with what ubidots thinks my account is. Have logged out and opened it in a new browser window but this had had no effect.

botton of screen:

You’ve reached your. You’ve retrieved 501281/500000 dots today. Learn more about Ubidots STEM limits.

On each widget or on device data graph:

#Error loading your data

Something went wrong on our end and we were unable to load your data.

Can someone advise if this is a known software issue or how to resolve.

Hello @PeterWressell,
Thank you for reaching out to our Community Forum.

The message that you are viewing isn’t related to the Data ingestion, so your 8 variables being updated every 900 seconds are ok. This message is related to the Dots out consumption, that is, the data that has to be retrieved from our servers to be displayed in your Dashboard. Each time you refresh your Dashboard or Device’s View it has to pull data from our Servers, counting towards the Dots Out consumption.

In this case, I’d recommend you refresh your Dashboard only when needed, and if possible, have the widgets to a time span that doesn’t go too far back in time.

Does this make sense?

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply.

All you say makes perfect sense. However, it was all working fine for 2/3 weeks and I was doing nothing different - probably more as I was calibrating and checking the device for accuracy etc.

The issue suddenly occurred and doesn’t reset overnight as first time I look in the morning the error is there when I have done no refreshing or updating.

It also occurs to the data in each variable for the device and not just the dashboard, but is still updating the current data point for each as they are changing as expected.

At login I sometimes get an error message relating to an issue with the csrf token but when I try and login again it lets me log in on. Could this be related?

I will wait and see if it rectifies. If it doesn’t will deleting and renewing the device token resolve the issue for the future?




I’ve checked your account and this no longer seems to be an issue, however, I’ll remain attentive so please let us know as soon as possible so that we can have a look into it right then.

Yes, that message should appear to you in both Dashboards and Device/Variable views, since they require pulling data from the server.

I wouldn’t think that the csrf token issue could be related to this. Does it only happen when you have the limit message, or has it happened randomly?

Finally, no, deleting and renewing the device token won’t fix this issue, as the condition that triggers the message is account related and not device related.

I’ll be attentive to your response.

Best regards,


Thanks for your email. You are right it just started again yesterday and hasn’t had issue since so all is good. If it stops again I will notify asap as requested.

The csrf token issue just occurs at random and errors but if I click login again it logs in successfully.

Thanks for your help.



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Hi Sebastian. I had a similar problem yesterday but my account limit doesn’t seem to have reset and today I still can’t access data on my device. Could you please have a look at my account and check that the reset hasn’t stalled or perhaps tell me when it is scheduled to reset.
Many thanks

Hello @Jonlakes ,

I hope that you are well.

I’ve checked your account and the limit did reset, this means that you should be able to view both Dashboards and Devices withouth any issues.

Has this continued to happen?

I’ll be attentive.

Best regards,

Hi Sebastian. Yes it did reset thanks but it seemed to take a couple of days before doing so. To help me avoid hitting the limits again, what’s the easiest way for me to keep an eye on my dot usage?

Thank you for confirming, @Jonlakes , it is a strange behavior that it took a couple of days to reset the limit, I’ll test this from my end to try and reproduce it.

On the other hand, you can monitor the usage of your account (Dots in and Dots out) from the Usage section of your account. Although these readings have a delay to real time values, they do give you a glimpse of the general usage of the account.

Thanks I’ll give that a try

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I’m testing an application on STEM and also experiencing weird data extraction statistics.
The test device has been sending two simple variables, temperature and humidity, every 30 minutes.
Started the test run on January 8th and everything worked as expected for over a week, until I disconnected the device for about two days.
Upon reconnecting and revisiting the dashboard I encountered the " You’ve reached your daily quota of data extraction" message.
According to the usage statistics the total data extraction for the entire month was 639,371.
If today’s data extraction exceeded 500K, it means that the previous 9 days totaled at about 140K, at a 15.5K daily average.
How could the 15.5K daily average become 500K+ data extraction in about 12 hours, while I wasn’t even using the app?
I’d appreciate any input, since I wasn’t able to find any reasonable explanation to this phenomenon.
Many thanks.
UPDATE: I opened the dashboard late in the afternoon again, and it came back alive with the usage table showing 1,140,002 data extractions this time.
While I’m glad that I can continue the test with a functional dashboard, I’m still puzzled about the cause of this sudden surge of extraction data. If all goes well I’ll migrate the test project to a different tier, so I’m not worried about the 500K data extraction limit, but I’m worried about not being able to decipher what was happening.