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Error loading data

Hi - this has been raised by a few users but I haven’t been able to follow how to resolve.

Like a few others, I get the following error when trying to update my dashboard.

“Error loading your data
Something went wrong on our end and we were unable to load your data.”

This has been a problem for 2 days.

I had previously noticed a banner talking about exceeding daily dot limits, but this was a few days ago and according to the usage page, I have not ingested or extracted anything since 7th jan. So unless there is a monthly limit or something, I’m not sure why the problem has not resolved.

I have a STEM account. Using a single device. Update frequency 900. I have 8 variables, including 2 derived variables. None of my widgets use anything but “last value” aggregation.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


I too have this issue from late afternoon yesterday 09 Jan

My widgets seem to be finally back online, which is great. But I have no idea what caused the issue or how it was finally resolved. it wasn’t from anything I did.

Given that this issue does seem to be cropping up on these boards for a few users, it would be really helpful to know what the root problem is (if it is just one thing).

Another oddity I noticed is that when I check the usage board, I now see zero usage registered for the 8th and 9th Jan (instead of dashes, as previously), but curiously 501,808 dots of data extraction on the 10th. I have literally not been able to see any data since the 7th so I’m not sure what this represents. Odd. Maybe there are some sync issues.