What if your factory could talk back to you—
predicting breakdowns before they happen, or alerting you when quality slips?
With Ubidots Internet of Things (IoT) platform, your factory can communicate with you in real-time—sharing powerful data through clean dashboards, custom HMIs, triggering alerts and more.

factory dashboard
Ubidots is here to help you prototype and scale you Smart Factory initiatives, so you can boost efficiency, cut costs, and drive innovation.
Your factory is only as strong as its weakest link
In today’s fast-paced global market, inefficiencies like machine malfunction, downtime, and energy waste slow manufacturers down—and industry leaders are increasingly investing in IoT to optimize weak links and accelerate productivity.

What’s slowing you down?

Process inefficiency
Machine breakdowns, downtime, and operator bottlenecks can significantly slow down processes, stifling productivity.
Needless scrap waste, defective materials, rework—all of these inefficiencies drive up costs.
According to McKinsey & Company (2012), energy accounts for up to 20% of total operating costs—often unnecessarily.
Ubidots’ in action: Smart manufacturing solutions
Ubidots’ business-grade platform makes it easy to connect your assets to our cloud, so you can monitor, visualize and act on incoming data. Our manufacturing partners are using the Ubidots platform to accelerate efficiency and productivity across diverse industries around the globe.
Cryogas, an emergency gas supplier for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients, uses an Ubidots-powered inventory monitoring system to ensure that hospitals never run out of vital gas inventory
An industrial crane company harnesses Ubidots business-grade platform to track use and maintenence needs of their cranes once in the hands of end customers—enhancing maintenance services and customer satisfaction.