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Infographic - How IoT Works...and some thoughts to guide your development

The term IoT, short for the Internet of Things, is becoming quite popular as businesses and individuals continue to incorporate internet connected devices into their lives. Amazon’s Alexa is an IoT device as is your smartphone. These commercial products already number in the millions, but the largest growth of IoT expansion can be found outside these personal experiences and in our chairs, washing machines, streetlights, factory floors, oceans, and beyond. When referencing IoT, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate all language, acronyms, and 1,000s of platforms all vying for your attention. To alleviate this headache, Ubidots put together an elementary infographic to help guide the development of an IoT solution. Sure, this is a rudimentary description of an industry driving the next evolution of business and personal efficiency, but with this infographic focused on How IoT Works help you better understand the steps and immediate questions to ask when building an IoT solution.

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