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Scientific Applications for the IoT @ Trieste, Italy

Last month, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) offered a training on scientific applications for the Internet of Things.

Not only the attendance was great -over 30 attendees from 25 different countries-, but also the literature produced for the course. In fact, the ICTP released a booklet with everything you need to know to deploy wireless sensor networks using the latest IoT technologies:

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Introduction to IPv6
  • Contiki OS introduction
  • Analogue and digital sensors
  • Wireless basics
  • UDP and TCP over multi-hop mesh networks
  • MQTT, CoAP and RESTFull protocols
  • Network Simulation using Cooja
  • End-to-end IPv6 applications: connecting to IoT cloud platforms (Ubidots)

You can download the booklet here:

We’re proud to share the fact that ICTP’s Wireless Lab has been a Ubidots customer for a while, and therefore used Ubidots as the official IoT platform for the training.

We also partnered with our friends at Zolertia in order to add IPv6 to our API and support their new modules: the Re-Motes. You can find an IPv6 example in Zolertia’s Hackster page.

During the training, the participants also had the chance to hack different projects, among them a Solar Eclipse Tracker.

We look forward to enabling more academic projects and trainings around the world! Keep them coming and earn free credits towards your next project!

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